Destination Wedding Kennedy Wedding in Hawaii

Holy Sh*t! Only 114 Days Away!

Destination Wedding Kennedy Wedding in HawaiiWOW – only 114 days until Stacia and I will be getting married in Hawaii …  Are you going to be at our Kennedy wedding?  It would be great to have you there!

We’re both very excited about getting married and our destination wedding – but at the same time I’m freaking out!  There’s so much to do and we’re both really busy with our work projects.  Not to mention that school is almost out and our kids will be getting more of our time this summer.

Despite a certain amount of stress about the wedding budget, guests (who will be able to make it and who won’t), family desires, etc. Stacia and I have decided just to go for it.  It’s full steam ahead and we’re sure everything will work out perfectly.  Well … maybe not ‘perfectly’, but exactly how they are supposed to.  I want the day to be Stacia’s Big Day and something she looks back on with one of her big beautiful smiles.  For me it would be ok to have a potluck and keg of beer – but I really wish for a lot more for her …

I’ll try to write more soon, but as they say, I’ve got other fish to fry …

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