100 Day Sweating For The Wedding Challenge

100 Day Sweating For The Wedding Challenge – Today is 101 Days till my wedding #KennedyWeddingHI I am on a mission to get my dream wedding in Hawaii. Lose about 10+ more pounds to be at 130lbs and feeling fitter than ever before.

Please subscribe to my new YouTube Channel and see me manifest all my dreams by the end of this 100 day challenge. I will be writing my eating and vlogging about my daily challenges and miracle manifestations.

I like eating clean I just have not been that serious about staying away from the sugars completely. I haven’t really been pushing myself at the gym since I came back from my NYC trip for my best friends Bachelorette Party. The of course there is always something to celebrate or an excuse to eat badly again. We now have 4th of July coming around the corner. I refuse to deprive ourselves from going out or hanging with friends because of our new eating habit choices. I am going to prepare myself for this!

Tomorrow I’ll post my measurements and even post a video of us going to the gym. Maybe even part of our workout.

Thanks for watching! Wish me luck!



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