One Year Engagement AnniversaryI made it through most of the day without even realizing it, but today was the one year anniversary of my very public proposal to Stacia at the Robbins Brothers in Bellevue during their re-Grand Opening event.  I’d actually been looking forward to this day, but for one reason or another lost track.  Luckily Facebook notified their Queen (and my Princess) of what happened One Year Ago Today.

But we’re not going to be engaged much longer … only 96 days and 20 hours until our destination wedding #KennedyWeddingHI

I never thought that I would be this excited to get married – but then again, I never thought that I would meet the girl of my dreams …  I really do appreciate Stacia for a lot of reasons.  #1 is that she’s tolerated me – which is saying A LOT.  Not sure there is another person on the planet who could do that.  She’s also had to put up with a lot of crap and abuse from some of the people closest to her about our relationship.  For this I feel terrible.  I would not blame her one bit if she wanted to bail out, but for some reason she seems rather determined.

Somehow, the light has shined on me and made me the luckiest person on Earth.  Wow, I am honored and humbled and just hope I can somehow figure out how to give as much as I have been given.

These next 96+ days are certainly going to be interesting and I’m really looking forward to the process and the journey.  Sure hope that you will follow along (and comment) too!

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