I’ve been writing down my eating but I probably could be more detailed than I have been. My inspired action for this week was to get super focused. I have a ton of things on my plate and I really want to make this goal a priority. So today I really tried to make a special effort to be super energetic even at 5am in the morning.

I will spare you my workout details and food list but here is a quick video of me checking in…

Thanks for following our journey! Sorry about the messy hair and non edited video. It drives me a little crazy to do that but time is limited for me and I just want to get these videos out to you ;).

So, I always get asked so “How’s the wedding plans?”

At this point it is all up in the air. My one friend tells me I am too much ZEN! but hey that is how I am dealing with this whole wedding planning. It will all be taken care of. I have so many great friends like you who are helping and it will all come together.

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