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77 Days and Reasons I LOVE You!

77 Days JoeandStacia.com77 Day more days to the Wedding! It is going super fast. #SweatingForTheWedding has been going great. Weight has still been consistent but at least I am not gaining. Still need to eat less and maybe less almond butter. I love that stuff. I have been working out very hard and never been this consistent before with anything. I stand corrected, Joe reminded me I have been consistent with other things in my life.

Sometimes I like to troll Pinterest when I am tired or just want to get my mind off work. I came across a pin/photo of a journal that said “Reasons I love you” A book of reasons you love your husband/Fiance that you could give him at our wedding day.

I decided I would make a video instead 😉

Reasons I love Joe Kennedy

1. When he corrects my grammar he does it with love.
2. He wakes up with me at 4:30 and 6:30am on the weekends to go to the gym
3. He has given me permission to go with my strengths not in the kitchen
4. He calls me “Beautiful”
5. Encourage me to paint and he admires my talents

The article I was reading about our vows was “I Flat-Out Refuse to Marry Anyone Unless These are Our Vows” via Thought Catalog I am so stealing this!!

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