76 More Days to Love & Adventures

76 More Days Left! We are such Big Dreamers! I Love Dreaming Big!

A few people sent in their regrets of not being able to come. Still don’t even know how we are going to make our own wedding. Joe was a little relieved that one of our family members said they can’t come. He is worried since we don’t have our tickets yet.

Though I am still confident that it is going to happen!!

Just keep focusing on the positive. Keep focusing on what we can do and using the resources we do have.

Adding on to my list of things I love about Joe. We are Big Dreamers! We have a goal to live our lives in sunny places and in places we can ski or snowboard. I am excited and feel good when we think about that. Next trip after Hawaii will be a ski resort. I am excited to plan our lives together.

My goal is to run my online business StaciaLoo.com teaching people how to grow their businesses online from the road.

But I wouldn’t be opposed to finding a cool job on a ski resort somewhere. I think it might be fun to do something different and meet amazing people. Every time we have gone skiing we meet people from all over the world. Even if it was a restaurant or bartending always wanted to try that. I guess I would have to learn how to pour different drinks though. It would definitely be something we could blog about.

Thanks again for joining our journey.

See ya tomorrow!

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