The day is finally here! It is Our Wedding Day Today!

12141766_10153674072463958_3248377259929572470_nToday’s the day! The count down has gotten into the hours at this point. I arrived on Monday and Joe arrived the follow day. It has been great all of our close friends and my family has been helping put together the details for today.

For some of you it may seem like putting together a party is easy for me since I put on networking events in Washington all the time. But honestly the ones who do know me I am way laid back and I just let things come to me. Maybe not the best idea for the people who like structure.

But oh well it is all good. I may have forgotten a few things we wanted but we go with the flow and the little things really don’t matter that much. What does matter to us is that we are both there, sharing our love for each other.

Last night we had a rehearsal dinner and everyone knows where to go and what to do. I got the dress, we got the rings, we have the marriage license, the pastor is all set, cue the music! Photographer is ready!

It is going to be beautiful!

I know a few people who I care about deeply as well could not make it. But I will be Periscoping/ Live streaming part of the wedding. I am not sure if our wifi connection will be that great at the beach. It is also a bit windy as we checked out the area ahead of time but I am sure we will have a ton of photos as well.

What is Periscope? How can we watch the LIVE Stream?

It’s an app you can download on your phone. Once you download it go to search and search for my name @StaciaLoo.

If you are technically challenged you can watch from your computer just watch my Facebook feed for a link or twitter. At about 3:30pm we will have the first look and photo session the ceremony starts at 5pm HST (Hawaiian time).

Every time I go live I have it set to post a link on my Facebook page and twitter so if you don’t have the app you can watch from their website.

I have a account also set up so that you can also watch a replay if you miss anything.

Thanks for all of your support locally and from afar. I really appreciate everyone’s help, support and blessings. I am happy to share a glimpse into our lives and our new adventure with the world. I have so many people I am grateful for and appreciate you all. You know who you are!

Much Love & Aloha! 
Joe & Stacia

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