Coaching Couples Joe and Stacia KennedyI’m writing this post as a personal brainstorm, but also as an invitation to my beautiful wife Stacia Kennedy.  We are on the verge of many more great experiences in our life together and I’m super excited!

Over the past few months, everyone in our family has been adjusting to my role as a ‘Stay at Home Dad‘.  It’s been A LOT of fun – and every day I give thanks for each minute I get to spend with Ava Kalea Kennedy.  Stacia has been working hard at her new job and I know that she misses getting to spend weekdays with Ava Kalea.

I knew that taking care of children is a hard (and often thankless) job, but I have definitely learned how hard it is during the last 100 days or so …  I always used to tease (or rag on) Stacia about not doing her workouts, but it’s not always easy to fit it in when taking care of a baby.  I’m sure it’s different now that Ava Kalea is extremely mobile (and getting quicker all the time) – but I am super glad that I’m not responsible for breast feeding her.

After over two months of allowing myself to get adjusted to this new role and schedule, I am finally ready to embark on more of a fixed schedule for rest (naps) / activity and education for Ava Kalea (now almost 17 months old).  I’ve got her in swim classes on Saturdays at UCSD Recreation right now, but there are many more activities coming up.  More on that later.

In my spare time over the last few weeks, I have been getting ready to launch We Buy Fugly Houses. is a real estate website designed to help home sellers a fast cash offer for the purchase of their house, condo or apartment here in San Diego and across the country.  As real estate investors, our goal is to help people out of bad situations, while beautifying neighborhoods by renovating and updating houses that need it.

While I’m super excited about our real estate business, I know that we also need to give some major attention to our longtime dream of traveling the world with Ava Kalea, living in different countries and working on the road (once the teenagers are done with high school).  It’s true that Stacia and I both have decent presence online and make a little money online already, but we need to improve on that A LOT to make our dream a reality.

One of the vehicles that I believe will help get us to our dream of traveling and living around the globe is the Beachbody Coaching Business.  We both love being fit and feeling good – and want to share it with others and bring them along for the ride.  Beachbody workouts are great and Stacia and I both love the Beachbody products as well (especially Shakeology).

I’ve been watching a few videos on YouTube from various Beachbody Coaches (I’m especially interested in how guys can thrive in a business dominated by the ladies).  One male coach I was watching was explaining how important it is to work to appeal to people like yourself.  While I’m not sure there is anyone out there like who is crazy like me – I do believe that there are probably a lot of couples out there who would like to be in better shape, earn extra money and make new friends in the process.

My new proposal to Stacia is that we start a Coaching Couples group and start helping other couples become more fit physically and financially.  I know that we will make many new friends (and finally get to work together) in the process and cannot wait to get started.

Hey Baby – are you up for it?

If you and your other half would like to join us, please let us know ….



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    • stacia

      I love it! I’m in baby! I am so excited to be your #swolemate hehe! This morning I did miss being home with my baby though I love working outside of the home as well. I am sure other women can definitely relate as well as families that want to spend more time with each other.

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