Hello friends and family,
Most of Stacia’s Family lives in Hawaii and Joe’s Best Friends/Best Man also lives in Hawaii and it would mean the world to us to have this special day there.

We would love to have you join us in Hawaii for our destination wedding. What a great excuse to plan a trip to Hawaii right? Plus, we would be honored if you would share in our special day. Your presence is our gift!

We’re lucky to already have a home full of everything we need, there are still a few places where you can contribute to our dream wedding! If you watched our proposal story Stacia had no clue how Joe put together getting her the perfect ring. The exact ring that she had on her vision board. He was able to exchange his PR services for the perfect ring.

Next the Dress. One of Stacia’s dearest friends offered to pay for a custom dress. She said “Yes to the Dress”. Don’t tell Joe it is amazing and most of all she has been working her butt off literally and if you attend this wedding you will see how Gorgeous she will Be.

The venue has been gifted to them by their good friends and what a big gift that is. We can’t thank them enough. It is beyond words that our friends would open their home for us.

So, what else is left? How else can you show support besides making the trip?

They are registered at Help them make their trip an experience they won’t ever forget..

Visit our honeyfund at, the free honeymoon registry

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Or you can also send us anything you feel inspired to 😉

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